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PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd

PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd (PHOEBE) is an SME which deals with the design, development and realization of cloud-based solutions, to help system operators and consumers to enhance efficiency, security and quality of their services. Its vision is to make smart technologies accessible to industrial operators, by designing cloud-based software and hardware solutions, combining state-of-the-art research, crowd-sourcing and machine learning, addressing challenges related to energy efficiency, waste reduction and enhanced security. 

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KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks, University of Cyprus

The KIOS Research Centre for Intelligent Systems and Net works (KIOS), operates within the School of Engineering of University of Cyprus. KIOS was established in 2008 with a primary mission to carry out basic research in intelligent systems and networks. Since its inception, KIOS has been contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the areas of computational intelligence and intelligent networked embedded system design, and applying these methodologies in monitoring, controlling, and optimising the operation of large-scale complex systems. In 2017 KIOS was awarded a €40 million project to upgrade into the KIOS Research and In-novation Centre of Excellence (KIOS CoE).  

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Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative

The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiat ive (CSTI) is a non-profit organization formed in 2006, following the Travel Foundation pilot project (2003-2005)  and its primary mission is to contribute and promote the development of sustainable tourism in Cyprus, conserving the environment, supporting the local economy and promoting the local culture. CSTI is comprised of experts in the tourism and hotel industry and has collaborated with other tourism organizations, major tour operators and other organizations, as well as it participated in many relevant projects.