The Domognostics+ project will produce:

  • The Domognostics+ Platform, which will collect data from existing BAS components and/or commercial IoT sensors for air quality, heating, ventilation, water flows, etc.

  • The Domognostics+ IoT gateway device, which will interface with generic sensors/actuators to provide connectivity to the Platform and fuse data using open standards-based interoperable interfaces

  • The SEMIoTICS Architecture and its Semantically-enhanced Supervisor, that will be built on top of an ontological knowledge Graph to facilitate the devices' semantic annotation through dedicated Prolog and/or SPARQL. The Supervisor will offer logic-based semantic reasoning capabilities to achieve monitoring and control system re-configuration towards energy efficiency and increase of occupants' comfort

  • The Smart Building Apps repository, which will be populated with existing cyber modules that the Domognostics+ platform can use to expand its capabilities. 
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The output of the product will be offered as a (Web) Dashoboard service provided to building operators with (actionable) decision support (from analytics, event detection and semantic reasoning/inference), with focus on energy efficiency (energy wastes, water leakage detection) and human comfort.